Saturday, January 14, 2023


 Today's Classic Rerun is a wild episode where the Word of the Week is Gotta! Yep, all songs with Gotta in the title, including a bunch of bonus tracks that'll blow your natural mind. Originally broadcast, in different form, in March of 2019. Presented in Living Monophonic and Ultrasonic Stereophonic Sound.

Kevin Coughlin: I Gotta Be Me
The Zombies: Gotta Get A Hold of Myself
The Animals: We've Gotta Get Out of This Place (Live)
The Kinks: Gotta Get the First Plane Home
Manfred Mann: If You Gotta Go, Go Now (BBC)
The Rationals: I Gotta Go Now (Out on the Floor)
The Moody Blues: People Gotta Go
Herman's Hermits: Gotta Get Away
Blues Magoos: Gotta Get Away
The Wrecking Crew: You Gotta Stop (Backing Track)
The Pleasure Seekers: Gotta Get Away
Dana Gillespie: You Just Gotta Know My Mind
Nancy Sinatra: I Gotta Get Out of This Town
The Runaways: Gotta Get Out Tonight
The Ventures: I Got a Woman
The Reverberations: Why You Gotta Be So Mean
The Satelliters: It's Gotta Be You
The Fleshtones: I Gotta Change My Life
The Waspmen: I Gotta a Feeling
Jim Jones Revue: It's Gotta Be About Me
The Dirty Strangers: You Gotta Shake
Nilsson: Gotta Get Up
The Yo-Yos: Gotta Find a New Love
The Chocolate Balloon Co.: Gotta Get This
Question Mark & The Mysterians: Got to
The Riders of the Mark: Gotta Find Somebody
The Malibus: I Gotta Go
The Union Jacks: I Gotta Go
The Spats: Gotta Tell Ya All About It, Baby
13th Floor Elevators: You Gotta Take That Girl
Sir Douglas Quintet: She's Gotta Be Boss
Sam & Dave: That's the Way It's Gotta Be
The Ditalians: I Gotta Go
The Bobbettes: I've Gotta Face This World
Eddie Floyd: If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody
Arthur Lee: Everybody's Gotta Live
The Poets: That's the Way It's Gotta Be
The King Beez: I Gotta Move
The Liverpool Five: Gotta Get a Move On
The Headless Horsemen: Gotta Be Cool
The Cherry Slush: Gotta Take It Easy
Sight and Sound: Gotta Get Out of My Mind
The Red Light District: I Gotta Know
The Agents: Gotta Help Me
The Mal Thursday Quintet: I Gotta Be Me

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