Wednesday, February 15, 2023


Today's Classic Rerun is a wanton episode where the Word of the Week is Want, all songs with Want in the title. Featuring 46 minutes of bonus tracks. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound. Originally broadcast 24 February 2022.

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The Troggs: I Want You/I Want You to Come Into My Life
The Liverpool Five: Anyway That You Want Me
The Yardbirds: What Do You Want (mono)
The Kinks: You Still Want Me
The Rolling Stones: I Just Want to Make Love to You
The Hollies: I Take What I Want (BBC)
The Zombies: I Don't Want to Know/I Want Her Back Again
The Ventures: I Want to Hold Your Hand
Sandy Sarjeant: Can't Stop the Want
Dusty Springfield: I Only Want to Be with You (alt take)
It's Them: Baby (I Still Want Your Lovin')
The Colony: All I Want
The Roemans: Love (That's All I Want)
The Tropics: I Want More
The Todds: I Want Her Back
The Emperors: I Want My Woman
Cat Stevens: If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out (Instrumental)
Cher: All I Really Want to Do (mono)
Bob Dylan: I Want You (alt take)
The Byrds: So You Want to Be a Rock n' Roll Star (live '67)
Slim Harpo: Got Love If You Want It
The Buckinghams: Don't Want Want to Cry
Paul Revere & The Raiders: Money (That's What I Want)
The Wailers: I Don't Want to Follow You
The Four Fifths: If You Still Want Me
The Beatles: I Want to Tell You
Booker T & The MGs: I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Buccaneers: You Got What I Want
The Wild Ones: I Want to Be Friendly
The Ugly Beats: I Want That Girl
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: I Will If You Want Me to
The Warlocks: If You Really Want Me to Stay
The Moving Sidewalks: I Want to Hold Your Hand

The Mal Thursday Quintet: Don't Want You Either (mono)
The GTVs: Cry If You Want to
The Sick Rose: I Want Your Love
Lyres: I Really Want You Right Now
The Embrooks: You Can If You Want
Cheap Trick: I Want You to Want Me ('97 version)

Bonus Tracks:
The Fleshtones: Want
Elvis Presley: I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Elvis Costello & The Attractions: I Want You/(I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea
The Rolling Stones: You Can't Always Get What You Want (live '68)
Muddy Waters: I Want to Be Loved
The Mascots: I Want to Live
The Nightcrawlers: If You Want My Love (undubbed version)
The Faces: You're My Girl (I Don't Want to Discuss It)
The Beatles: I Want You (She's So Heavy)

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