Tuesday, April 25, 2023


On this short but sweet Classic Rerun of of The Mal Thursday Show, the Word of the Week is Anything. Anything goes! Presented in Living Monophonic and Ultrasonic Stereophonic Sound. This show was 6th in the global rock 'n' roll chart, 10th in the global psychedelic chart and 55th in the global rock chart on Mixcloud.

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The Vejtables: Anything
David Bowie & The Buzz: Do Anything You Say
Tom Jones: Promise Her Anything
The Spectres
: Anything You Like*
The Attack: Anything
The Galileo 7: Nobody Knows Anything
Eddie & The Hot Rods: Do Anything You Wanna Do
Lynn Murray: Promise Her Anything (Reprise)
Iron Butterfly: Most Anything You Want
United States of Existence: Anything Goes
Blue: Anything for You
Moby Grape: You Can Do Anything
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Anything That's Rock n' Roll
The Ramones: I Can't Give You Anything
Sonny Stitt
: I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Willie Nelson: I Don't Feel Anything
The Nervebreakers: I Don't Believe in Anything
Spoon: Anything You Want

Thee Fourgiven: Anything

* Wrong track, but it's a good one, so I left it in

The Vejtables

The Mal Thursday Show on Boss Radio 66: Anything, Pain, Listen/Hear, Nowhere, There, On Trial!, Living/Life, Nothing, Truth/Luck, Birds, In/Out, Numbers, Face, Things, Lonely, Head, City, Pretty, Away, Gotta!, She, I, You Pt. 1 and 2, Me, Day, Night, Woman, Man, Off, Need, Come, Gone, Girl Pt. 1 and 2, Out, Down, Over, Alright!, Heart, Home Pt. 1 and 2.

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