Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Live n' Wild 3: The '80s and Beyond

 Mal Thursday presents another two hours of rock n' roll recorded live in the wild. This time out, it's garage rock recordings from the '80s to the present, including radio broadcasts, B-sides, and several from Cavestomp!, the Garage Rock Festacular. The second half of the show is devoted to The Mal Thursday Quintet Live at 13th Floor Lounge, recorded 22 March 2019 in beautiful downtown Florence, Massachusetts. Presented in Living Monophonic and Ultrasonic Stereophonic Sound. Originally broadcast 18 April 2019.

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The Satelliters: Abba (Iron Bar 2007)
The Monks: Monk Time/Boys Are Boys (Cavestomp! 2000)
The Chocolate Watchband: Blues Theme/Gone and Passes By
(Are You Gonna Be There) At the Love-In (Cavestomp! 1999)
Question Mark & The Mysterians: Do You Feel It (Cavestomp! 1997)
Lyres: Seven (Cavestomp! 1997)
Busy Body/What a Girl Can't Do (WERS 1983)
Don't Give It Up Now (Cantone's 1981)
The Embrooks: Standing Upside Down (WFMU 2003)
The Fleshtones: Feels Like a Woman (Dirty Water Club 2005)
Plan 9: B3-11 (The Rat 1985)
The Marshmallow Overcoat: Beverly Pepper (2017)
The Chesterfield Kings: Up and Down (WXXI 2009)/Louie Go Home feat. Mark Lindsay (Cavestomp! 1998)
Muck & The Mires: It's About Over You (Asbury Lanes 2007)
The Mal Thursday Quintet: (13th Floor Lounge 2019)
Once Upon a Time (In Your Mind)
Torn Up/That's Your Problem
Standing on the Corner
Joke's on Me (bed)
Lady in a Cage
Flagrante Delicto
Why Do I Cry [with Ray Mason]
O Lucky Man! (bed)
Sky Wild/Get Outta Dallas!
Filthy Rich (13th Floor Lounge 2019)
The Untold Fables: It's a Cry'n Shame (Safari Sam's 1985)

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