Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Riot on Sunset Strip Revisited

Dedicated to the memory of Sky Saxon, this double-wide 2009 episode of The Mal Thursday Show shines the spotlight on the L.A. scene of the '60s and the garage revival of the '80s. In the second hour, Mal is joined by Jackets drummer Chris Rosales, who at the time was doing a podcast with Reverend Beat Man called 'Sonic Nightmares,' as "Gringo Starr," a pseudonym later co-opted by another, different Gringo. In any case, here are two hours of Southern California sounds that are definitely not Yacht Rock.  Presented in Living Monophonic and Ultrasonic Stereophonic Sound. Dig!

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The Standells: Riot on Sunset Strip
Terry Randall: SOS (Save Our Strip)
The Leaves: Too Many People
The Chocolate Watchband: Are You Gonna Be There at the Love In
The Seeds
: Pushin' Too Hard
The Byrds: Hey Joe
Davie Allan & The Arrows: Mondo Hollywood/The Shape of Things to Come
The People of Sunset Strip: Sunset Symphony
The Electric Prunes: Get Me to the World on Time
The Standells: Get Away from Here
The Sons of Adam: Baby Show the World
The Seeds: Nobody Spoil My Fun
The Other Half: Feathered Fish
Love: You I'll Be Following
The Knickerbockers: High on Love
Kim Fowley: Underground Lady
The Leathercoated Minds: Sunset and Clark
The Music Machine: Talk Talk
The Byrds: Dont Make Waves
The Bosstweeds: Little Bad News
Limey & The Yanks: Out of Sight Out of Mind
The Avengers: Open Your Eyes
Raga & The Talas: My Group and Me
The Premiers: Get on This Plane
The Fire Escape: The Trip
The Merry Go Round: Gonna Fight a War
The Pandoras: Melvin
Thee Fourgiven: I Sympathize
The Unclaimed: No Apology
The Tell Tale Hearts: Crawling Back to Me
The Untold Fables: Its a Crying Shame
The Zebra Stripes: Intro 66
The Crawdaddys: I’m Dissatisfied
The Mystery Machine: She’s Not Mine
The Morlocks: By My Side
The Unclaimed: Deposition Central (The Acid Song)

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