Sunday, May 28, 2023

Wars and Peaces

 Memorial Day Special with Guest DJ Michael John Carley. 

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The Temptations: War
The Merry-Go-Round: Gonna Fight the War
The Talismen: Masters of War
Elvis Presley: G.I. Blues
The Clash: English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)/Hate and War
Man or Astroman?: War of the Satellites
The Gripweeds: How I Won the War
John Lennon: I Don't Want to Be a Soldier Mama, I Don't Want to Die
Bob Seger & The Last Heard: 2+2=?
The Rehabilitation Cruise: I Don't Care What They Say
The Madd: War or Hands of Time
The Monkees: Last Train to Clarksville
The Ramrods: War Party
The Hedgehogs: Peace in My Mind
The Love Flowers: Peace and Love
Curtis Mayfield: We Gotta Have Peace
William Bell: Marching Off to War
Phil Ochs: I Ain't Marching Anymore (Electric Version)
Fear: Let's Have a War
Sgt. Barry Sadler: Little Bird of Viet Nam
New York Dolls: Vietnamese Baby
Brass Against: War Pigs
Dead Kennedys: Holiday in Cambodia
The Sex Pistols: Holidays in the Sun
Jimi Hendrix: Machine Gun
Amy Winehouse: Some Unholy War
Leonard Cohen: The Partisan
The Who: Won't Get Fooled Again
World Saxophone Quartet: Machine Gun
The Malarians: A Taste of Five
The Kinks: Some Mother's Son
Scott Walker: Next!

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