Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Best of Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine Vol. 1

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Texas Tyme Machine, Mal Thursday presents two hours of his favorite segments from the series, including "The Neal Ford and the Fanatics Story" as told by Neal Ford and a live set by The Blind Owls. Originally aired July 2019. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound. 

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The Blind Owls: There Goes My Girl
The Nervebreakers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Mal Thursday with Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Every Night a New Surprise
Buddy Holly: Learning the Game
The Zakary Thaks: Mirror of Yesterday
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Save Your Affection
Willie Nelson: I Never Cared for You
The New Roadrunners: Tired of Living
Saucerians: Dawn
Sons of Hercules: Misunderstood
The Ugly Beats: Let Me Through
Kenny and The Kasuals: Empty Heart
'68 Comeback: Willie and the Hand Jive
Churchwood: Rimbaud Diddley
Junior Brown: Better Call Saul
The Really Rottens: Starting Line
The Uniques: Treat Her Right

The Blind Owls Live in Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
 I Know/Something About That Girl/
Out of My Mind/I'll Make You Happy/There She Goes

Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Good Men (Are Hard to Find)
Paul & Paula: Hey Paula
The Ramadas: Teenage Dream
The Fanatics: I Will Not Be Lonely
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Shame on You/Gonna Be My Girl/I Have Thoughts of You/Woman/Lucille/I'm Down
Neal Ford Factory: You Made Me a Man
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Nighttime
The Satelliters: Lost in Time
Kenny and The Kasuals: Floating


Mal Thursday presents a pretty great episode chock full o' pretty things, where the Word of the Week is Pretty. All songs with Pretty in the title, natch. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound. Originally transmitted 18 February 2021. 

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Eugene Church: Pretty Girls Everywhere
The Vipers: Pretty Lies
The Pretty Things: Pretty Thing
The Blue Things: Pretty Things Oh
The Deepest Blue: Pretty Little Thing
The Beat Merchants: Pretty Face
The Jads: Miss Pretty
Manfred Mann: Pretty Flamingo
Les McCann: Pretty Flamingo (bed)
The Chob: We're Pretty Quick
Count Five: Pretty Big Mouth
Love: A Message to Pretty (mono)
The Byrds: Pretty Polly
The Kinks: Pretty Polly
The Roadrunners: Pretty Me
Steve Cropper: Oh Pretty Woman (bed)
Tommy James & The Shondells: Lots of Pretty Girls
The Yardbirds: Pretty Girl
The Easybeats: Pretty Girl
The Bugs: Pretty Girl

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Bobby Fuller Four: Pretty Girls Everywhere
The Thunderchiefs: Pretty Eyes
Joe 'King' Carrasco & The Crowns: Let's Get Pretty
Sir Douglas Quintet: Pretty Flower
The Ventures: Oh Pretty Woman (bed)

The Shangri-Las: How Pretty Can You Be
David Bowie: Oh You Pretty Things
The White Stripes: You're Pretty Good Lookin' (For a Girl)
Holly Golightly: Pretty Good Love
Reigning Sound: You're Not as Pretty
Oscar Peterson: I Feel Pretty (bed)
The Quick: Pretty Please Me 
R.E.M.: Pretty Persuasion
Psychedelic Furs: Pretty in Pink (acoustic)
The Jam: Pretty Green
Nancy Sinatra: It's Such a Pretty World

Bonus Tracks:

Curtis Lee: Pretty Little Angel Eyes
Wayne Cochran: Little Bitty Pretty One
The Fleshtones: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty
The Monks: Pretty Suzanne
The Everly Brothers: Pretty Flamingo
Iggy & The Stooges: Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Mal Thursday is the maker of this highly constructive episode, where the Word of the Week is Make. All songs with Make, Making, or Made in the title. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic Sound. Originally transmitted 21 September 2023.

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The Soul Agents: Let's Make It Pretty Baby
The Creation: Making Time
The Rolling Stones: I Just Want to Make Love to You (live 1964)
The Swinging Blue Jeans: Make Me Know You're Mine
The Smoke: I Wanna Make It with You
Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: You Make It Move
The Zombies: I Can't Make Up My Mind
The Exiles: Love in the Making
The Small Faces: I Can't Make It
The Creation: Making Time (backing track)
The Troggs: Gonna Make You
The Move: Don't Make My Baby Blue
The Seeds: Can't Seem to Make You Mine (mono)
Richard & The Young Lions: You Can Make It
The Montells: You Can't Make Me
The Shady Daze: I'll Make You Pay
Brother Jack McDuff: Made in Sweden
The Byrds: Don't Make Waves
The Roadrunners: I'll Make It Up to You
The Beau Brummels: Don't Make Promises
The Vagrants: I Can't Make a Friend
Question Mark & The Mysterians: Make You Mine (mono)
The Easybeats: Made My Bed, Gonna Lie in It
The Sir Finks: These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (mono)
The Nite Owls: Boots Are Made for Talkin'
The Rogue Show: Make Me Over Again
The  Hustlers: My Mind's Made Up
The Surprize: I Will Make History
Duane Eddy: This Guitar Was Made for Twangin'

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Knight's Bridge: Make Me Some Love
The Penthouse Five: You're Gonna Make Me
The Blind Owls: Make Up Your Mind (live 2018)
Kenny & The Kasuals: You Make Me Feel Good/I'm Gonna Make It
The Bobby Fuller Four: Love's Made a Fool of You
Kris Kristofferson: Help Me Make It Through the Night
The Livin' End: Making Time
The Ugly Beats: I'll Make You Happy (mono)

The Creation Factory: Why Can't You Make Up Your Mind
The Tell-Tale Hearts: Gonna Make You Mine
The Thanes: Never Make Me Blue
The Fleshtones: Whatever Makes You Happy
Thee Mighty Caesars: You Make Me Die
The Walker Brothers: Make It Easy on Yourself (live 1968)

Wednesday, September 13, 2023


Mal Thursday brings you an episode where the Word of the Week is Little. All songs with Little in the title. This installment of the series features more hits than usual. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound. Originally transmitted 14 September 2023.

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The Tallysmen: Little by Little
The Rolling Stones: Mother's Little Helper (mono)
The Kinks: Little Queenie (BBC)
The Wheels: Bad Little Woman
Them: My Little Baby (mono)
The Hollies: Little Lover
The Yardbirds: Little Games
The Spencer Davis Group: Every Little Thing
The Beatles: Every Little Thing (mono)
The Rolling Stones: Mother's Little Helper (backing track)
The Little Darlings: Little Bit of Soul
Manfred Mann: My Little Red Book
Love: My Little Red Book
Los Bravos: Bring a Little Lovin'
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels: Little Latin Lupe Lu
Dusty Springfield: Little By Little
George Baker Selection: Little Green Bag
The Ventures: A Little Bit of Action (bed)
The Deepest Blue: Pretty Little Thing
The Foggy Notions: Need a Little Lovin'
The Standells: Little Sally Tease
The Electric Prunes: Little Olive
The Syndicate of Sound: Little Girl
Them: Little Girl
The Illusions: Little Girl
The Tyrannies: Little Girl
The Rationals: Little Girls Cry (Deon's Song)
The Liars: Always Little Girls Cry
The Hijackers: My Little Girl
Ian & The Zodiacs: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
The Tropics: Hey Little Girl
The Odyssey: Little Girl Little Boy
The Ventures: A Little Bit You, A Little Bit Me (bed)
The Doors: You're Lost, Little Girl (mono)
The Odds & Ends: (Hey Little Girl) Before You Go
The Humbugs: Go on Home Little Girl

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Bobby Connerly: Little Girls Go Home
The Crabs: Bye Bye My Little Girl
The Clique: Little Miss Lucy
Bobby Fuller Four: Little Annie Lou
Tommy Jett: Groovy Little Trip
Roy Head & The Traits: Just a Little Bit
Glambilly: Stay a Little Longer
Sir Douglas Quintet: Too Little Too Late

The Aztex: The Little Streets in This Town

Bonus Tracks:
Mogen David & The Grapes of Wrath: Little Girl Gone
The Beach Boys: The Little Girl I Once Knew
The Chasers: Hey Little Girl
The Wranglers: Little Liza Jane
The Blue Rondos: Little Baby
Barry Fantoni: Little Man in a Little Box
Evie Sands: Take Me for a Little While (live 1966)
The Tribe: Fickle Little Girl
The Barbarians: Hey Little Bird
The Left Banke: Sing Little Bird Sing
Chuck Conlon: Poor Little Mixed Up Kid
Nick Lowe: Little Hitler
Elvis Costello & The Attractions: Two Little Hitlers
Diana Darrin: Little Gun, Little Me
The Monkees: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Food and Beverage

Mal Thursday serves up a tasty high concept episode where all the songs have various foods and/or drinks in the titles. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound. Originally transmitted 7 September 2023.

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Elvis Presley: Smorgasbord
Nick Lowe's Last Chicken in the Shop: Let's Eat
Pink Floyd: Candy and a Currant Bun
The Rolling Stones: Rice Krispies
The Beatles: Savoy Truffle (2018 mix)
High Street East: Newcastle Brown
Manfred Mann: Sweet Pea
The Troggs: Coca Cola spot
The Who: Heinz Baked Beans
The Strangeloves: I Want Candy (mono)
Cinnamon Quill: Candy
The Searchers: Sweets for My Sweet
Strawberry Alarm Clock: Incense and Peppermints
Sixth Day Creation: Cherry Pie
The Box Tops: Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
Herman's Hermits: No Milk Today
Booker T & The MGs: One Mint Julep
The Yardbirds: Great Shakes spot/Honey in Your Hips
The Hollies: A Taste of Honey (mono)
Ian & The Zodiacs: No Money No Honey
The Mourning After: Inside the Honeypot
The Mal Thursday Quintet: A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine!
Victor Feldman Quartet: A Taste of Honey
Little Milton: Grits Ain't Groceries
Kenny Burrell: Wavy Gravy
Chuck Berry: Fish & Chips
The Crossfires: One Potato, Two Potato
Shadows of Knight: Potato Chip
Mothers of Invention: Call Any Vegetable
The Beach Boys: Vegetables
The Ventures: Green Onions
Roy Orbison: Coca Cola spot

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:

The Shades: Ginger Bread Man
The Clique: Sugar on Sunday
Roy Head: Apple of My Eye
The Countdown Five: Candy
The Chocolate Moose: Chocolate Moose Theme
George Jones: White Lightning
Bobby Fuller: Wine, Wine, Wine

Jerry Lee Lewis: Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-odee
The Bee Gees: Wine and Women
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood: Summer Wine
Eric Burdon & War: Spill the Wine (live 1970)
The Cherry Drops: Magically Delicious

Bonus Tracks:
The Evergreen: Food for Soul
Blondie: Eat to the Beat
Southern Culture on the Skids: Fried Chicken and Gasoline
Fear: Beef Boloney
Hasil Adkins: No More Hot Dogs
Andre Williams: Rib Tips pts 1 & 2
Nina Simone: Give Me a Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer
Cream: Sweet Wine
Flamin' Groovies: Whisky Woman
Ray Charles: Candy
Fun and Games: Elephant Candy
The Elite: One Potato
The 5-6-7-8s: Hey! Mashed Potato! Hey
The Rutles: Cheese and Onions
The Driving Stupid: Horror Asparagus Stories

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Mass Pike Memory Lane II

The long-rumored sequel to The Mal Thursday Show: Mass Pike Memory Lane is finally here, with Mal joined by guest DJ Alex Piandes of WMFO’s The Desperate Hours for another groovy trip down Mass Pike Memory Lane. Presented in Living Monophonic and Ultrasonic Stereophonic Sound. Originally broadcast 14 March 2019, just ahead of St. Paddy's Day.  

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The Byrds: Boston
Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs: Banned in Boston
Richard Anthony & The Blue Notes: The Boston Monkey
The Standells: Dirty Water (Live)
Lyres: How Do You Know
The Prime Movers: Where We All Come From
The New Breed:  Wasting My Time
The Last Ones: Number One Again
The Blackjacks: That's Why I Always Dress in Black
The Neats: Red and Grey
Boy's Life: It Came From Here
The Nervous Eaters: Hot Steel and Acid
Triple Thick: Alright (She's Alright)
The Dogmatics: King-Size Cigarette
The Turbines: Rock in My Pocket
Downbeat Five: My Way
Classic Ruins: Let's Get Dull
The Remains: Hang On Sloopy
The Lost: No Reason Why
The Shyres: Where Is Love
Travis Pike's Tea Party: If I Didn't Love You Girl
Steve Walker & The Bold: Train Kept a Rollin'
The Rockin' Ramrods: Play It
Willie "Loco" Alexander: At the Rat
The Real Kids: Better Be Good/All Kindsa Girls
DMZ: Lift Up Your Hood
Plan 9 (with Jeff Conolly): I'm Gone
The Voodoo Dolls: Gone, Gone, Gone
The Ventures: The Rat
Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs: Torn Up
The Del Fuegos: Don't Run Wild
Robin Lane & The Chartbusters: When Things Go Wrong
Dream Syndicate: Boston

Monday, September 4, 2023

The Job That Ate My Brain

Labor Day Special! In this hard-workin', hardly workin' episode, Mal Thursday finds himself under-employed once again, presenting a playlist all about working for the man. And getting fired by the man. Presented in Living Monophonic and Ultrasonic Stereophonic Sound. Originally transmitted in September of 2015.

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The Ramones: The Job That Ate My Brain
Jimmy Reed: Big Boss Man
Alex Chilton: Lost My Job
David Allan Coe: Take This Job and Shove it
The Service Industry: My Next Job
Robert Morse: How to Succeed in Business
Frank Sinatra: I Believe in You
The GTVs: Mind the Gap
Manfred Mann: Up the Junction
The Kinks: Working at the Factory
Elvis Costello: Welcome to the Working Week
The Vogues: Five O'Clock World
Merle Haggard: Workin' Man Blues
Jon Wayne: Workin' Man Blues
Symon Grace & The Tuesday Blues: You Won't Get Me Working
Cannonball Adderly: Work Song
The Kinks: Situation Vacant/Education
Lou Reed: Coney Island Baby


Summer, Babe!

 I am losing my voice – must be all that Saharan dust in the air – so instead of a new episode, here are three classic reruns all about san...