Monday, August 21, 2023


Mal Thursday explores the eternal conflict of truth vs. fiction -- with a mess o' songs about lyin' -- and good luck vs. bad luck in this timely edition of the program, originally transmitted 17 January 2017. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound.

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Otis Redding: Tell the Truth
Derek & The Dominos: Tell the Truth
Ian Hunter: The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing But the Truth
Brenda Lee: Is It True
The Who: It's Not True
The Escapades: I Tell No Lies
Chuck Berry: Don't You Lie to Me
The Rolling Stones: Lies
The Gripweeds: Lies
The  Greenhornes: Lies
The Ventures: Lies
The  Miracle Workers: Lies Lies
A Wild Uncertainty: La La La Lies
Len Price 3: You Tell Lies
Lyres: She Told Me Lies
Painted Ship: Little White Lies
The Lively Ones: Too Many Lies
John Wooley & Just Born: You're Lying
The Outsiders: Lying All the Time
Three Dog Night: Liar
Queen: Liar
The Castaways: Liar, Liar
The Tell-Tale Hearts: (You're a) Dirty Liar
Oasis: I Can See a Liar
The Sex Pistols: Liar
The Bee Gees: He's a Liar (backing track)
Stupidity: Bad Luck
Stiv Bators: Bad Luck Charm
Albert King: Born under a Bad Sign
Ray Charles: If It Wasn't for Bad Luck
Alan Price: O Lucky Man!
Nick Waterhouse: Once Lucky
Johnny Winter: Bad Luck Situation
Josefus: Hard Luck
The Black Crowes: Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
The Vines: Truth

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