Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Best of Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine Vol. 1

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Texas Tyme Machine, Mal Thursday presents two hours of his favorite segments from the series, including "The Neal Ford and the Fanatics Story" as told by Neal Ford and a live set by The Blind Owls. Originally aired July 2019. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound. 

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The Blind Owls: There Goes My Girl
The Nervebreakers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Mal Thursday with Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Every Night a New Surprise
Buddy Holly: Learning the Game
The Zakary Thaks: Mirror of Yesterday
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Save Your Affection
Willie Nelson: I Never Cared for You
The New Roadrunners: Tired of Living
Saucerians: Dawn
Sons of Hercules: Misunderstood
The Ugly Beats: Let Me Through
Kenny and The Kasuals: Empty Heart
'68 Comeback: Willie and the Hand Jive
Churchwood: Rimbaud Diddley
Junior Brown: Better Call Saul
The Really Rottens: Starting Line
The Uniques: Treat Her Right

The Blind Owls Live in Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
 I Know/Something About That Girl/
Out of My Mind/I'll Make You Happy/There She Goes

Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Good Men (Are Hard to Find)
Paul & Paula: Hey Paula
The Ramadas: Teenage Dream
The Fanatics: I Will Not Be Lonely
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Shame on You/Gonna Be My Girl/I Have Thoughts of You/Woman/Lucille/I'm Down
Neal Ford Factory: You Made Me a Man
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Nighttime
The Satelliters: Lost in Time
Kenny and The Kasuals: Floating

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