Thursday, January 19, 2023


The Word of the Week is Try on this high-flyin' installment of The Mal Thursday Show. All songs with Try, Tried, or Trying in the title. Rock n' roll, soul, and other tasty flavors abound. Try it! Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound. Originally broadcast 22 January 2023.

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The Illusions: Try
The Rolling Stones: You Can Make It If You Try/Try a Little Harder
The Web: I'll Try
The Hollies: Try It (mono)
Dave Clark Five: Try Too Hard
The Creation: Try and Stop Me
The Embrooks
: I'm Still Trying
Eddie Harris with Jeff Beck: I've Tried Everything
Les Sinners: Nice Try
Thee Deuces: You Gotta Try
The Seeds: Try to Understand
The Electric Prunes: Try Me on for Size (mono)
Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion: Tryin' to Mess My Mind
The Young Tyrants: I Try
The Clefs of Lavender Hill: So I'll Try
The Hustlers: If You Try
The Blue Things: You Can't Say We Never Tried (Take 7)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Fountain of Youth: Don't Blame Me for Trying
Thursday's Children: Try Girl
The Chaparrels: Tried So Hard
The 13th Floor Elevators: Tried to Hide (mono)

The Outsiders (Cleveland): I'm Not Trying to Hurt You
The Five Bucks: No Use in Trying
T.R. & The Yards: I Tried
The Mop Tops: I Tried
The Moguls: Try Me
The Dogs: Don't Try to Help Me
The Pentagons: Try and Find
The Rainy Daze: Try a Little Harder
The Phantom Surfers with Dick Dale: Try and Find Me
The Explosions: I Try to Find
The Outsiders (Amsterdam): Keep on Trying
The Untold Fables: I Try
Yard Trauma: Try It
Plan 9: Try to Run (live '85)
Lyres: I'll Try Anyway
The Vipers: Don't Try to Mend It
James Brown: Try Me (instrumental)
Lorraine Ellison: Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
Marvin Gaye: Try It Baby
Nancy: Trying to Keep From Crying
Otis Redding: Try a Little Tenderness (live '67)

Bonus Tracks:
The Sticks and Stones: Try
The Hour Glass: I've Been Trying (alternate version)
The Sheiks: Try to Understand
The Dukes: Try to Understand
The Abstract Sound: I'm Trying
The Basooties: You Didn't Try to Call Me
The Changing Tymes: Try a Little Harder
The Attack: Try It
Skip Jensen: Done Tried
Lyres: Trying Just to Please You
Mal Thursday & The Cheetahs: Try It My Way
Neil MacArthur (Colin Blunstone)
: Don't Try to Explain

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