Saturday, January 21, 2023


 Today's Classic Rerun is a revised and expanded edition of an already rocking episode of Te Mal Thursday Show from 2020, fortified with an hour of new material, where the Word of the Week is Wanna -- all songs with Wanna in the title. Presented in Ultrasonic Stereophonic and Living Monophonic Sound.

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Robin & The Three Hoods:: I Wanna Do it
Casey Jones & The Governors: All You Wanna Do
The Animals: I Just Wanna Make Love to You
The Southern Sound: I Don't Wanna Go
The Swinging Blue Jeans: I Wanna Be There
The Hollies: I Wanna Shout
The Ventures: I Wanna Be Well
The Bluestars: I Don't Wanna Be Lonely Anymore
The No-Na-Mees: Just Wanna Be Myself
The Fee-Fi-Four + 2: I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)
The Mamas and Papas: Go Where You Wanna Go
The Monkees: I Wanna Be Free (fast version)
The Wrecking Crew: I Wanna Be Free (backing track)
The Most: Do You Wanna Know
The Eyes: I Wanna Be Your Man
Bob Dylan: I Wanna Be Your Lover
The Cobras: I Wanna Be Your Love
Yesterday's Children: I Wanna Be With You
The Sorrows: I Don't Wanna Be Free
Bud Shank: I Wanna Be Free
The Heartbreakers: I Wanna Be Loved
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers: I Wanna Sleep in Your Arms
Kurt Baker: I Don't Wanna Get Involved With You
The Crawdaddys: I Wanna Put a Tiger in Your Tank
The Beach Boys: All I Wanna Do (early version)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Royal Knights: I Wanna Know
The Pastels: Yeah I Wanna Know
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Mary Wanna Marry Me
Brother L Congregation (BLC):   I Don't Wanna Go
The Ugly Beats: (I Don't Wanna Be the One to) Bring Her Down
Sir Douglas Quintet: I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
Joe Tex: I Wanna Be Free

The Enchanters: I Wanna Thank You
Sugar Pie DeSanto: I Don't Wanna Fuss
Bloodstone: Do You Wanna Do a Thing with Me
The Parliaments: I Wanna Testify
Stevie Wonder: I Wanna Make Her Love Me
Etta James: I Just Wanna Make Love to You
Eddie & The Hot Rods: Do Anything You Wanna Do
The Cramps: I Wanna Get in Your Pants
The Jumpers: (I Wanna Know) What's Going On
The Stooges: I Wanna Be Your Dog
Dead Boys: I Don't Wanna Be No Catholic Boy
The Beach Boys: Do You Wanna Dance (backing track)
The Ramones: I Wanna Be Sedated
I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
The Dictators: I Just Wanna Have Something to Do
Dee Dee Ramone: I Don't Wanna Die in the Basement
The Ventures: I Wanna Be Sedated
The Soft Boys: I Wanna Destroy You
The Fleshtones: I Wanna Feel Something Now
The Dwarves: I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend (early version)
The Real Kids: Where I Wanna Be
The Sex Pistols: I Wanna Be Me
Holly & The Italians: I Wanna Go Home
The Strangeloves: I Wanna Do It

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